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His linguistic proficiency deserves words of appraisal for he was fluent in Syriac, English and also Malayalam. Taking this into consideration, he was appointed as a professor in Puthenpally Seminary in 1898 very soon after his ordination. Having completed his teaching profession in three years in Seminary, he had been sent to different parishes of the eparchy for pastoral work viz., Kumarakom (1900-1904), Uzhavoor (1904-1908). He served as chaplain of Visitation Convent, Kaipuzha and the Manager of St. Margaret School (1908-1915). Due to ill-health he could not take up pastoral ministry during 1915-1921. Residing at Kaipuzha parish, he began his efforts in view of founding St. Thomas Asylum and St. Joseph's Congregation (SJC). Later he was appointed parish priest at Kidangoor (1921-1923), Kurumulloor (1923-1930), Neendoor (1930-1932), Chamakkala (1932-1933), Kurumulloor (1933-1938). After the retirement, he stayed at Kaipuzha parish presbytery from 1938 till his death (December 4, 1943).